Zen Bodytherapy

Deep Tissue Massage in Basildon

Zentherapy was founded by William “Dub” Leigh and is a combination of western and eastern bodywork, bodymind exercises and meditation.

Much of the bodywork in Zentherapy ie Zen bodytherapy, is based on the therapy Rolfing which focuses on the realignment of the body structure through deep tissue techniques.

The main objective of Zen bodytherapy is to reduce physical and emotional distress, revitalise the bodymind and increase the circulation of energy (ki, chi, or life force) around the body.

Maintaining Optimum Performance

Zen Bodytherapy

Optimum Performance for athletes

Dub Leigh trained under Ida Rolf (founder of Rolfing), Moshe Feldenkrais (founder of the Feldenkrass method) and zen master, martial artist and healer Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi in Japan.

The Zen bodytherapist uses their hands, fingers, knuckles and elbows to release tension, blockage and congestion in the muscular and connective tissues. This can relieve emotional as well as physical distress. Sessions usually last 80-90 minutes.

In addition to the bodywork body centred meditation exercises are used to attain a greater connection and control over the body (physical body emotion and mind) and to de-stress on a deeper level.

Zentherapy recognises that from birth to death our life and life in general is a flow of energy. This energy takes shape by our attitudes, emotions and our bodies.

Zentherapy releases the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas.

The goal is to become free of fear, hate, greed, pain and negative emotions in general, fully living each moment by moment.

In addition to the above and to foster the goal stated above, in people where there is a great deal of tension, holding and blockage in the bodymind, the technique of sustained acupressure, pointholding or body electronics may be used. This technique was founded by Dr John Ray, psychologist and naturopath in the 1950’s as a way of producing a great increase in the body’s own healing energy as well as insight into and release from blockages/resistance/pain/negative feelings.