Meditation for Peak Performance and Stress Reduction

In my opinion meditation can be a really useful tool to help deal with both physical and psychological symptoms.

Unfortunately it is often overlooked and underused and undervalued as a treatment. Meditation is something that you can do for yourself, it is free and has no side effects. If taught correctly and practised regularly it can really change people's lives dramatically for the better.

Meditation for Optimum Performance


If you would like to find out how Meditation can help you, arrange to have a chat with Graeme:

Meditation has been tested scientifically for many decades and has been shown to benefit an enormous number of conditions including:

an improved ability to cope with stress

  • an improved ability to cope with stress

  • helps mood disorders including depression, anxiety and panic attacks

  • helps one deal with pain

  • improves memory, learning, self awareness and creativity

  • reduces blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and stroke

  • helps prevent asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and fibromyalgia

  • decreases symptoms of pre menstrual tension and the menopause

  • decreases symptoms of social isolation

  • decreases emotional over eating

  • increases the grey matter in the brain ... and many more!

And no negative side effects!

I have been teaching meditation to individuals and groups for many years and have recently started a new group which meets every second Monday at my practice. Everything is explained very clearly and simply and people can go away and practice from day one.

An effective method of meditation will eventually lead to an experience of profound stillness, an inner silence and peace. This peaceful state is actually the natural condition of our mind beyond the process of thinking. The mind and body are brought to a profound living stillness, the whole metabolism and mind slows down. These effects are measurable with scientific instruments.

But for meditation to work it has to be practised and very stressed people sometimes say that they don't have the time, and even people who begin to meditate sometimes stop when their lives become extremely stressful. But of course these are just the sort of people who need meditation most, and the stressful times are the times when we must continue to meditate to help get us through. Meditation can act as an anchor when our lives become "stormy".

Meditation is uncomplicated and simple to do - it's just a question of learning an effective technique and setting aside a little time each day and getting in the habit. Once cultivated it's a habit that you won't want to give up.

If you would like to find out how Meditation can help you, arrange to have a chat with Graeme: