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Energy Medicine

Each atom in the universe has an oscillating energy field as does each individual human being. Just as each atom has an epicentre of its energy field so does each person have an epicentre of its energy field, which is scientifically verifiable.

The human energy field epicentre is a concentrated spot of high energy that the trained person can feel or even see. 

Acute or chronic stress, intimidation, bereavement, shock, accidents, trauma, drugs, toxic illness or brain washing can all be symptoms that energy medicine can help. The distance and direction of a shift will determine the severity of a person’s symptoms, and creating a shortcut back to normality, high biological activity and improved physical and mental/emotional health.

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Graeme Stroud ND, MRN, DO, ACOH is an osteopath, naturopath, certified zen body therapist and a qualified healer.





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