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Dielectric Resonance Management (Electronic Gem Therapy)

With roots dating back to Indian Ayurvedic medicine, but brought very much up to date by a scientist, psychologist and electronic engineer, Jon Whale, Electronic Gem Therapy uses the healing properties of precious stones and light to affect the cells of the body at the subatomic level.

The treatment is painless and supported by many conclusive case studies.

Electronic Gem Therapy


Physicist, Stephen Hawking has said: "The future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and colour." Electronic Gem Therapy is revolutionising the way illness is thought about.

Special low voltage Theragem lamps are shone towards the diseased or injured part and set to specific frequencies and voltages which enables a strong photon cloud to emit from the gems which increases biological activity within the body setting up a sympathetic resonance which the target area responds to, becoming revitalised. The area then begins again to function efficiently and healthily.

Some people will feel an immediate improvement after one session, although chronic conditions will require a number of sessions.

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These testimonials are from clients who have had a single treatment of combined Electronic Gem Therapy and Assemblage Therapy.

Symptom: Mildly depressed and dark thoughts

"I felt a postural change in that I felt my chest had opened up and my shoulders had gone back. The following day I started to feel a sense of inner calm and felt happier within myself."

Symptom: Stress, anxiety, mild depression, fatique

"More relaxed and focused, calmer and less angry. More balanced and centred and at ease. Work performance improved, no procrastination and work was less of a problem, easier to manage. I had clearer priorities and objectives. I slept better and more. Physical training - ran faster and lifted heavier weights in the gym. Overall a significant improvement experienced."

Intention: Self-development

"Experiened a lightness and full openess when working within a team which I found noticeable in myself. The experience marked a 'shift' - a change in inner feelings and outer demeanour.... beautiful ease."

Symptom: Back Pain

"The treatment was followed by several days of good back mobility and low degree of pain. The back is more mobile and quicker to relax following the daily routine (of work) and also after exercise."

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