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What is Body Electronics?

Contrary to what may be suggested by the name, Body Electronics, there are no gadgets or electrical devices used. The name simply refers to the innate electrical or electronic nature of the body and the method and benefits of removing the blockages and alterations to the flow of nerve impulses and other forms of communication in the body.

Body Electronics

Body Electronics

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A fundamental premise of Body Electronics is that most of us carry a measure of suppressed emotionality from past traumatic experiences into the present. This suppressed emotionality manifests in the physical body and appears to be stored in some way within the body tissues. These suppressed emotions interfere with nerve communication and cellular nutrition and impede regenerative processes in the body.

Improper emotional expression thus becomes a lasting insult to any injury and may itself be the source of future health problems. In Body Electronics we say, “What you resist persists.” In other words, resisting an experience of life compounds the problem and may cause it to persist when it might otherwise cease.

Body Electronics provides a method for locating and dissolving these stored emotional residues in the body and for appropriately dealing with the accompanying healing crisis and the suppressed emotionality released from the process so that the body is cleared of it permanently.

This involves a unique method of sustained acupressure (pointholding) and client facilitation to allow the safe release and re-experience of old traumas, both emotional and physical. The result is freedom from compulsive behaviour patterns, improved health as the emotional and physical blockages are removed, and the ability to instil new patterns of constructive action in one’s life.

Body Electronics is client-based and gives you the tools and help to produce the benefits you need.

"Graeme's work is enabling me to continue working past retirement age with a very positive attitude, physical and mental ability on what I do best.

Graeme's professional support through both Osteopathy and Body Electronics is a key part of my health care. Graeme's contribution to my good health over the past 20 years is stunning.

I will always go to Graeme for his professional support for as long as he is there.

The people of Basildon and Southend are very fortunate to have a man of Graeme's calibre in their area."

(Robin Blackmore Colchester)

Basildon Clinic of Osteopathy

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